The Brazilian post office and R

While I would like to post a success story about the Brazilian post office using R to analyze its internal data, the real story is the use of R’s logo for its Registered mail :). Have a look: [Read More]
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Looking back in 2017 and plans for 2018

As we come close to the end of 2017, its time to look back. This has been a great year for me in many ways. This blog started as a way to write short pieces about using R for finance and promote my book in an organic way. Today, I’m... [Read More]
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Serving shiny apps in the internet with your own server

In this post I’ll share my experience in setting up my own virtual server for hosting shiny applications in Digital Ocean. First, context. I’m working in a academic project where we build a package for accessing financial data and corporate events directly from B3, the Brazilian financial exchange. The objective... [Read More]
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Package GetDFPData

Downloading Annual Financial Reports and Corporate Events from B3 (formerly Bovespa)

Financial statements of companies traded at B3 (formerly Bovespa), the Brazilian stock exchange, are available in its website. Accessing the data for a single company is straightforward. In the website one can find a simple interface for accessing this dataset. An example is given here. However, gathering and organizing the... [Read More]
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