Benchmarking a SSD drive in reading and writing files with R

I recently bought a new computer for home and it came with two drives, one HDD and other SSD. The later is used for the OS and the former for all of my files. From all computers I had, both home and work, this is definitely the fastest. While some... [Read More]
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Investing for the Long Run

I often get asked about how to invest in the stock market. Not surprisingly, this has been a common topic in my classes. Brazil is experiencing a big change in its financial scenario. Historically, fixed income instruments paid a large premium over the stock market and that is no longer... [Read More]
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Predatory Journals and R

My paper about the penetration of predatory journals in Brazil, Is predatory publishing a real threat? Evidence from a large database study, just got published in Scientometrics!. The working paper version is available in SSRN. [Read More]
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Writing papers about packages

Some advices from a referee

Back in 2007 I wrote a Matlab package for estimating regime switching models. I was just starting to learn to code and this project was my way of doing it. After publishing it in FEX (Matlab file exchange site) I got so many repeated questions on my email that eventually... [Read More]
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