New package in CRAN: PkgsFromFiles

Its been a while since I develop a CRAN package and this weekend I decided to work on a idea I had some time ago. The result is package PkgsFromFiles. [Read More]
Tags: R, GetLattesData

Update to GetLattesData

Last year I released package GetLattesData. This package is very handy for anyone that researches bibliometric data of Brazilian scholars. You could easily import the whole academic history of any researcher registered at the platform. More details in the this post. [Read More]
Tags: R, GetLattesData

BatchGetSymbols 2.2

One of the main requests I get for package BatchGetSymbols is to allow the choice of frequency of the financial dataset. I finally got some time to work on it. I just posted a new version of BatchGetSymbols in CRAN. The major change is that users can now set the... [Read More]
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Benchmarking a SSD drive in reading and writing files with R

I recently bought a new computer for home and it came with two drives, one HDD and other SSD. The later is used for the OS and the former for all of my files. From all computers I had, both home and work, this is definitely the fastest. While some... [Read More]
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