Hi there!

My name is Marcelo Perlin. I live in city of Porto Alegre, south of Brazil and I work as an assistant professor of Finance in Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). I received my PhD in Finance from Reading University (ICMA Centre, UK) in 2010 and I have a substantial experience creating computer scripts for applied research in Finance. You can find more details about my past and current work in my personal homepage.

In the computational side, I had a working relationship with Matlab for at least 5 year before switching to R. I was impressed in learning how much easier it was to manipulate and process data with R, once you understand its syntax. I wrote several CRAN packages and now I’m currently writing a book about R and Finance that I hope to publish soon (see details here).

In this blog I will write about my CRAN packages and any other ideas about finance and R or research papers that I’m currently working on. The content, however, will be mostly about R.

Got a question? Fell free to drop me an email at marceloperlin@gmail.com.